Charlotte Mixon   Precision Clean

Charlotte Mixon

Precision Clean

“Lauren really nailed my vision and how I wanted the site to feel. The redesign turned out way better than I imagined, and I have no doubt that it will have a great impact on my current business as well as the opening of my new location. We are entering a more competitive market and I feel like I can compete with the market leaders.

Lauren was very organized with her tasks and schedule to get everything done in a timely manner. We actually launched two days early!!

If you want someone who is very organized, who is current with the trends of website design, who listens and values your vision, and ensures you are happy every step of the way then Lauren is the right person for the job!”

Pamela Holt   Pamela’s Essentials

Pamela Holt

Pamela’s Essentials

“Before working with Lauren, I was totally overwhelmed! I had DIYed my website and it needed a facelift. I just did not have the savvy to make it work.

I can’t even convey how much it means to me, how wonderful Lauren brought my thoughts and emotions through, and how amazing the new site looks. I love the new design! The new site will be a game changer to showcase my love of helping women, spreading a healthy yoga lifestyle, and being able to incorporate all the new changes on my journey!

It will attract more women to grow to their full potential and bring my coaching to the next level! I am so appreciative and grateful.

Lauren has amazing communication, organization, time management, and motivation! She was there every step of the way making me feel comfortable, teaching, and breaking down all the information in a way so I felt able to understand.”

Zoe Gillis

Zoe Gillis

“For years I have been wanting to have one website where people looking for therapy, meditation, and the wilderness retreats I offer could go.

I was nervous about investing so much financially and not ending up with something that both aligned with my vision and included all the elements of what I do, but now I am so excited and confident about sending people to a website that is easy to navigate, straightforward, and has the vibe of adventure and peace all in one.

I felt like Lauren was there to support me every step of the way. I really appreciated that she was willing to jump on a call when I needed it. And the communication was clear and consistent through Asana.

I would definitely recommend working with Lauren to anyone! From a style perspective she is great at creating clean and beautiful design and user-friendly navigation. She is organized, stays on top of deadlines and let's you know what to do and how to do it every step of the way. It was been a wonderful experience!”

Lauren Hopkins   Laurilyn Farms

Lauren Hopkins

Laurilyn Farms

“Lauren is passionate and dedicated to making your website what you want and need for your business. The process was easy and fun, the time line was a great motivator for me to get my homework done on time, the project management app (Asana) was super helpful in communicating, and Lauren is just a cool lady to work with.

She made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions and had very helpful insight into what I needed and didn't need my website to do and be.

It has boosted my confidence in telling potential clients to visit my website. Potential clients have a great idea of who I am, what I do and whether we are a good fit for each other.

Before hiring Lauren, my hesitations wereDo I need to spend that much money on my website design? Will it really make a difference? Will I like working with you? Should I just deal with this on my own and come up with something that works?

Paying Lauren to get my website to where I wanted it to be was a great decision for me and my business! I have had more ideal clients contact me since redoing my website.

Harjot Mann

Harjot Mann

“I needed a new website which represented my business well online. Lauren did a review of my old website, and the feedback was brilliant! She not only understood my needs, but gave me amazing direction on what a suitable website for a coaching and consulting business needs.

One thing that's always time consuming is writing content for the website. But the templates and guides Lauren provided helped me finish my entire website copy in a time frame of just ONE DAY!

Lauren is efficient, super organized and has incredibly helpful tools to make the whole process so smooth. From copy to colour scheme to branding to design ideas to creation - everything was easy breezy! She kept me in the loop of everything that was happening and I really appreciated that. I felt like Lauren took care of everything and I literally had nothing to worry about. The only hard part was probably just waiting to launch the website!

My new website is beautiful and makes me feel confident about my online presence. I feel good directing people to website now, knowing it represents my business professionally.

I recommended Lauren 100% without any doubt. Especially to fellow coaches out there! Lauren thank you! You are amazing, I will definitely work with you again!”

Lucy Kallin   Noventure

Lucy Kallin


“Everything about working with Lauren was great. Her guidance has been delicate at the same time layered with a professional understanding that surpasses other freelancers. She have given us a lot of time and patience, taking into consideration our evolving taste through this process.

If you want to work with someone that takes the time to understand what you are trying to achieve and brings it to life in a creative manner, then work with Lauren. She met all the deadlines and exceeded all our expectations

Our new website design is a good reflection of what we stand for and makes up proud to be NoVenture.”

Michelle Rakotomalala   Rakoteet Photography

Michelle Rakotomalala

Rakoteet Photography

“I had been using a DIY website, but I knew if I wanted to raise my prices, I needed a more professional site. I was hesitant at first to spend the money to hire a designer, but I'm SO glad that I hired Lauren! She is absolutely amazing, and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

She made the entire process so easy, and her content planners were SO helpful! I LOVE the end product of how my website turned out! My new site is WAY better than anything I could have done myself, and targets my ideal client so much better. I highly recommend Lauren for branding and website design!”

Mackenzie Delph   Learning to Live & Love

Mackenzie Delph

Learning to Live & Love

“Lauren made everything so easy and simple.

She is incredibly thorough in her work and makes sure that the client gets what they are looking for. She is open to critiques and always asked me if there were any changes that I wanted to be made every step along the way, ensuring that the end product was something that truly represented me, my personality, and my brand.”

Colin Cerniglia    Talent 409

Colin Cerniglia

Talent 409

“Lauren is friendly, professional, and the work she does is well worth the price you invest.

I had a pretty poor experience with a freelance graphic designer that was referred to me by a friend, but Lauren communicated EVERYTHING and has a very modern approach to it all using the Asana platform.

I had ideas, but I knew if I let Lauren run with it, she would come up with something infinitely better and that's exactly what happened. She asked a lot of good questions to get details and a feel for what I wanted and put together a quality product.”

Christine Cerniglia   Sweat with Stodds

Christine Cerniglia

Sweat with Stodds

"I have a legitimate brand with more cohesiveness and direction now! Lauren has great creative direction, a lot of deliverables, and takes feedback well. I also found Asana to be very convenient. If you’re considering working with Lauren, dive right in!"