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You’re amazing at what you do, whether you’re using your creative talents to bring joy to the world or coaching others to step into their best selves.


But when it comes to design, you’re struggling with organizing the layout of your website and creating a theme around your brand.

Girl, I got you


I help coaches and creative entrepreneurs develop their brand identity and establish their online presence while maintaining a cohesive image through graphic and web design.

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Meet the designer

I’m Lauren Taylar, your go-to gal when it comes to digital design. I’m focused on taking the stress and frustration out of creating a cohesive image online so that you can focus on your zone of genius.

For two years, I worked in SEO and digital marketing, where I helped to improve the online presence of CEO's, activists, lawyers, celebrity figures, and big brands.

After a year, I found my soul calling for more. I was unfulfilled in the work I was producing, uninspired by the people I was serving, and struggling to find my purpose in the world.

That’s when I realized that I was missing a creative spark in my career and that I had an underlying desire to live my life on my own terms.

So I quit my job and launched myself into the design world. Read more about my story here.

But it didn't start off like I thought it would...

When I first started my business from scratch, I had no idea where to start. I had been managing a travel and lifestyle blog on Wordpress, so I figured finding my way around Squarespace would be a breeze.

I didn’t know anything about design concepts or website strategy and instead of investing money into educational resources or a designer, I spent months (almost a year) and endless hours changing my website around.

I enjoyed playing around with Squarespace’s drag and drop features, but realized I was wasting precious time. Many blog posts and YouTube videos later, I gave up and invested in a graphic design course and two website design courses.

The experience helped me realize three major things.

number 1

I loved design. It was the creative outlet I lacked at my 9-5.

number 2

I wasn’t the only one struggling with branding or website design.

number 3

If I wanted to move forward in my business, I needed to invest in it.


That’s why I decided to combine my technical background with my passion for design to help other female solopreneurs create a visual identity that is professional, cohesive and energetically aligned to them.


Fun facts


Ready to finally have a strong online presence and brand identity?

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