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Quit wasting precious time and energy tryin to tweak your website to perfection


Every time you pull “redo website” out of the deep dark abyss of your to-do list, what you thought was going to take 10 minutes took you 3 hours.


You’ve made no progress, and you’re left feeling defeated and completely drained.


You know you’re not design or tech savvy, so whyyyy do you keep putting yourself through the torture of trying to figure it all out on your own?


Girl, I got you

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I’m Lauren, and I work with powerhouse female coaches and creatives who struggle with creating a professional, organized and cohesive website.

I help them switch out the old vibe of their outdated site with an aesthetic that aligns to their soul, experience an instant credibility booster, and build a money-making brand and website so that they can save their time and energy for their zone of genius - ya know, where they’re able to create the most impact.

Oh and I’m also obsessed with helping my clients learn the ins and outs of SEO in simple terms so that they can leverage a marketing strategy that brings in leads on autopilot.

With two years of professional experience in the SEO world, I’ve seen the behind the scenes of what it takes to help CEO's, activists, celebrity figures, and big brands improve their online presence.


So how did I get here?


After a year into my career, I found my soul calling for more. I was unfulfilled in the work I was producing, uninspired by the people I was serving, and struggling to find my purpose in the world.

That’s when I realized that I was missing a creative spark and that I had an underlying burning desire to live my life on my own terms, serve clients I was aligned to, and make a greater impact.

So I quit my part time job and launched myself into the design world. Read more about my story here.

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Although I had taken a graphic class in college, designing websites was a whole new world. I spent almost the first year of my business piecing together my website with the help of Squarespace help pages, YouTube videos and blog posts.

I spent endless hours of precious time changing my website around, tweaking the tiniest details that made no real progress (guilty perfectionist here), and making silly, yet costly mistakes.

And even though I learned my way around the backend of Squarespace and felt that my website was aesthetically at a point that I felt somewhat proud of, nothing compared to when I finally invested in getting the help I needed to push my business forward.

What I realized was that I was focusing on alllll the wrong things.


I worried too much about the design and getting it to look “just right.”

But in reality, I was totally disregarding the website aspects that actually contribute to converting clients and customers.


the result?

  • No more wasted time tinkering in the backend trying to format a page

  • No more guessing games for what to write and where

  • High AF energy surrounding my online presence

  • Confidence in raising my rates because I looked professional

  • Dream clients saying they connected with my content

  • More site visitors opting into my freebies

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That’s where my signature framework comes into play

Design | Messaging | Strategy | SEO

I can promise you a pretty website, easy peasy.

You give me the emotions, aesthetic, and inspiration you’re lookin for, and you betcha I can bring that baby to life before your eyes.



But you need more than a pretty website…

  • What you need is a website that strategically aligns with your business goals

  • What you need is a website that contains clear messaging and strong calls to action to stop your prospect’s scroll and land them in your Stripe account

  • What you need is a website that is technically optimized and structurally set up for search engines like Google 


So what’s it like to join the roster?

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The work I do with my clients is collaborative - they provide the vision and I guide them there step-by-step from start to finish.

The project is a clear, organized process where my clients feel inclusive every step of the way. Because I only work with one web design client at a time, my clients get my full attention and focus.

There is no cookie cutter BS here - I design intentional and custom websites for each of my clients.

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Fun facts


Are you so over the looming cloud of your website never looking the way you see it in your head?

Are you ready to spend your time on more important things, like giving your energy to your clients, your content, and, OH your life - the stuff that energizes you in the first place?


Are you ready to stand out, get seen, and make bank online?

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