I see you…

You’re tired of pumping out blog content month after month and seeing no increase in traffic or sales.

You eagerly hit publish on each new post, yet it gets lost in the abyss of Google. You’re frustrated and not sure why you’re not visible enough to land those dream clients.

Your bank account (and sanity) is taking a hit.

Or maybe you’re SO over the rat race of content creation.

You want to repurpose the mountain of social media posts, podcast episodes and live videos you’ve spent months cultivating in a way that is going to blow up your reach.

You’re ready for an evergreen marketing strategy that doesn’t keep you fighting with the Instagram algorithm.

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Imagine if...

You had hundreds (or thousands) of ideal clients finding your blog posts through Google so that your email list grew on autopilot and you no longer had to rely on Facbeook Group #promodays.

You were seen as an authority and expert in your field so that you could expand your impact and sales became easier.

You understood SEO best practices so that you knew exactly what type of content to create and how to optimize it for search engines.


 Here’s the thing...

Blogging and not using SEO is like trying to drive a car with no wheels.

You can stomp on the gas pedal all you want but that baby isn’t goin anywhere.

No bueno.

The result?

Pouring your heart and soul into creating content that isn’t being seen.

Monetizing your blog becomes hella difficult.

No SEO = No traffic = No sales


After working in the SEO industry for 2 years, I’ve seen first hand what goes into SEO campaigns for billion dollar brands and high profile activists, lawyers and celebrities.

The truth is that most coaches, creatives and small biz owners are doing SEO wrong.

That’s why I’m here.

My mission is to help you get seen by the people that need your services most

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What won’t work...

  • Stuffing keywords in your blog posts or random places of your website

  • Exchanging backlinks with other bloggers in an effort to have more links pointing back to your site

  • Pushing out daily blog content for the sake of posting without using a strategy and praying that Google starts showing your posts on page 1

What will work…

  • A content strategy that aligns with your business offers that positions you as an expert

  • Using SEO best practices on every single blog post you hit publish on in a way that sets you up for maximum visibility potential

  • Showing up for your audience weekly or biweekly to create valuable resources that has them raving for more

Cait Scudder_seo testimonial.png

“HIGHLY recommend Lauren - if you have a blog & you want more eyes on it, she’s your girl.

Only woman in this space I’ve seen who knows her shit with SEO!!”

Cait Scudder, business coach



squarespace SEO strategy package

Please note that the prices shown below are in USD. However, you can use a currency converter to find the cost in your own currency.


You’ll learn what keywords to use, how to use them, and how to correctly optimize the technical aspects of your blog.

After working together, you’ll understand how everything fits together like a puzzle.

This is perfect for the biz owner who is committed to creating high quality content.

Investment // $500
Timeline // 1 week

*Combine with any web design package and get $100 off plus branded blog graphics.

Package includes:

  • Questionnaire

  • Detailed keyword research for your industry/niche

  • Content and technical analysis of your website and recommendations for better optimization

  • Implementation plan with 15 blog post/solocast title ideas

  • SEO best practices PDF for blogging

  • Review and analysis of 3 blog posts after working together

  • 1 45 minute call to review the materials within 3 days after delivery

  • 1 30 minute call to answer any additional questions within 1 month after the first call

Did someone say bonuses?!

  • Canva video tutorial

  • Canva blog post graphic templates

  • Mockups video tutorial

  • Pinterest account setup instructions

  • Tailwind 101 video tutorial



Need more support?

I offer an SEO retainer package

This includes the SEO strategy package + additional 2 hours of ongoing monthly support. This is perfect for the biz owner who is committed to creating content but wants help in making sure it’s properly optimized.

Investment // $500 + $200/month




There’s so much misinformation and spammy tactics being spread online that can really hurt your chances of ranking on page 1. I’ll break down what SEO is, clear the myths for you, explain SEO top ranking factors and guide you to a holistic view of how Google works. Consider it a crash course.


I’ll help you identify the keywords you should be using in your content, what kind of blog post titles you should be writing and how to seamlessly incorporate your keywords into your blog post without sounding like a robot or looking spammy. I mean...isn’t the point of writing blog posts to help serve your audience?


Surprise! SEO is not just about putting keywords in your blog posts. We’ll walk through the analytical side of SEO that doesn’t make you feel like your head is exploding. I’ll discuss with you the key components of a blog post you’ll need to optimize before you hit publish and send it off to the Google gods.

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Kim Khunaraksa_seo services client.png

“Before working with Lauren, I felt that I kind of understood SEO but not completely.

After receiving the keyword research and blogging best practices information, I feel like I have better structure as I start writing blog posts, especially when deciding on the topic instead of just choosing random topics to write about. And I like that I can keep it and refer back to it in the future.

I liked the combination of the report + the phone call to ask clarifying questions. It was obvious that you took the time to tailor it to me/my website and it wasn't just a generic report.

If you’re thinking of working with Lauren, do it! It will give you a lot more clarity and understanding of SEO.  You don't know what you don't know!”

Kim Khunaraksa, manifestation coach


frequently asked questions

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It’s about tweaking the content and technical aspects of your website and blog posts to give it the best opportunity for ranking in search engines like Google.

If you want to use your website as a marketing tool to grow your business (instead of that thing in the corner that gathers dust), you have to be adding content to your site AND using SEO.

How much time do I need to allocate to this for it to work?

Writing long-form blog posts from scratch can require a few hours of your time. But during our work together, I show you how to repurpose your existing content so you’re not stuck on the hamster wheel of content creation. Look at it this way - the work you put in now will work for you for years.

Who is this for?

This is for coaches, creatives and other small biz owners who are serious about blogging. You can’t show up in Google without first proving yourself as an authority on a topic. And unfortunately, that doesn’t come from one 500 word blog post.

How long until I see results?

It depends - if you’re starting from scratch, it could take 3-6 months for your blog posts to reach page 1 or 2. But remember this - the difference from page 10 to page 1 is getting your content seen in front of the people who are literally searching for your services. That means not having to post on Facebook or Instagram while trying to enjoy a vacation with your family.

I thought Squarespace SEO sucks?

Nopeeee. This is misinformation spread online by other biz owners who don’t fully understand how SEO works. To rank in Google, you have to write strong content around a certain topic/industry. Having Yoast is not a magical pill that gets you to page 1. Wordpress, Squarespace and Showit are all amazing platforms.

The only exception is if you’re a corporation or looking for a website that you can incorporate advanced technical SEO into. But chances are that you’re a small biz owner, so Squarespace is perfect for your needs.

I don’t have Squarespace. Will this work for me?

Yes 100%! Almost all of this information applies to any website. The only difference is where you go in the website platform to change your content/technical SEO settings.


Have we met?

My jam is helping coaches, creatives, and small biz owners design visually captivating brands and build a bomb ass website that make your competition irrelevant and position you as the go to expert in your field.

I stepped away from a career in SEO working on billion dollar global brand accounts because I am SO passionate about helping world changing women get seen online and position themselves on top of the Google search results.

Because who wants a website that is forever lost in the abyss of the interwebs?!


 If you’re thinking…

“I’ll just figure this SEO thing out on my own.”

Here’s the thing, chica


While you’re writing for humans, it is essential that you package your blog posts for Google.

And most online business owners are introduced to the spammy black hat tactics (even by other “SEO specialists” in the online space) that will get you penalized by Google.


What we’re talking about here is long term visibility, sustainable growth and impact that will work for you for years to come.

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So let me ask you...

How would it feel to wake up to emails of potential dream clients saying they found you through Google?

If you’re ready to create an evergreen marketing strategy that will help you get seen, stand out, and grow your email list and sales on autopilot…

Then this is for you!