Pamela's Essentials: Squarespace Website Design

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Pamela Holt is a yoga, meditation and mindset coach for women who are stressed and anxious in their everyday lives. She helps them create a self-care routine that encompasses yoga, meditation and mindset work.

She has an amazing story of how she’s been through her own challenging journey with anxiety, depression, and being unhappy. She started yoga and meditation, took training to deepen her own practice, and began teaching when she knew this was a way to help others grow through similar situations.

When Pamela came to me, she had a DIY Wordpress website that lacked structure, professionalism, and a design feel that aligned to her and her vision.

She wanted her website to feel happy, calm and relatable, and that women coming to the site wouldn’t feel that the lifestyle Pamela portrays through her content was unachievable.

Step 1: Brainstorming

The first step in the design process is filling out the questionnaire. This helps me learn more about my clients’ business, site goals, and inspiration websites, among many other factors that would help in the design process.

From there, she put together a brand inspiration board on Pinterest with a mix of photos and designs she aligned with.

She already had a color palette with beautiful peach tones (see below) and a couple font choices. In addition to the Playlist Script and Poppins fonts she had already been using, I helped her pick out Lora as an additional font that would be used for paragraphs.

Pamela color palette.png

Step 2: Website design

Pamela wanted the new site to be professional in a way that shows women that she can truly help them. She really liked sites that had a smooth flow between the pages and colors, and liked to see pops of color.

As always with any web design project, I started with the homepage. This ensures that the vision my client has matches what I see as well.

We found photos from Creative Market that fit the vibe she was looking for, and I was able to add mockups of her ebook as well as her Facebook Group to inside them for the homepage.

After the homepage, I designed the rest of the website.

Scroll down to the see the before and after photos!



Work With Me

Opt-in page

Pamela absolutely LOVED the new design and as a result, we only made minor changes. The final steps were making sure the site had SEO set up, checking other settings in the backend and ensuring the site was responsive on mobile and tablet views.

Step 3: Website launch

At the end of the project, we hopped on a Zoom call, where we connected the domain, transferred website ownership, set up Google Analytics, and connected the social media profiles!

I then did a video recorded walkthrough of the backend with Pamela so that she knew how to make changes in the future. I love doing this with clients so that they are able to make changes on the backend without me. And if a client wanted changes, I do allow hourly revisions after the project.

Pamela was beyond happy with the end results, which of course, makes me love my work even more.

Here's what Pamela had to say about working with me...

“Omg I f**n love this!! I can’t even convey how wonderful you’ve brought my thoughts and emotions through, and how amazing it looks. Love love love!

I am completely impressed at everything you’ve done. And I’ve been raving about you to anyone that will listen! I am so appreciative and grateful. I can’t even begin to express how much it means to me.”

View the live website!


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