Harjot Mann: Branding + Squarespace Website Design

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Harjot Mann is a doctor turned self-mastery and leadership coach, and consultant. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs, businesses, and organizations tap into their unrealized potential to maximize on it through inspired and intentional actions that lead to success.

Through a unique approach of bringing spirituality and science together, Harjot helps her clients build emotional resilience, find mind-body-heart balance, and master their true potential so they can become the leaders they were born to be. She is also a certified HeartMath resilience coach and trainer.

I started working with Harjot in the summer of 2018. She had a website built on Wordpress, but she was no longer happy with the design, felt it didn’t represent the direction she was taking her business in and felt lost when it came to making changes herself.

I had an initial consultation with her and she decided to move forward with switching her site over to Squarespace. She was uncertain at first, as I’m sure many business owners with a Wordpress website would feel, but I’m happy she took the leap of faith.


In the initial design questionnaire, Harjot provided info pertaining to her ideal client, design aspects she wanted and her website goals, among other things.

Her ideal client fit this description:

  • Ambitious entrepreneurs (mostly women) who are ready to take challenges and get out of their comfort zone to pursue their dreams in life

  • Want to lead a purposeful life, realize their true potential, and be responsible for their life and success

  • Want to become the leaders they were born to be, who are interested in being of service to others/world

  • Seeking personal growth and ways to enhance their performance capacity

  • Value honesty, radical openness, humility and being human

  • Don't want to be afraid of emotions or don't want to be controlled by them; instead, they are interested in emotional resilience/intelligence.

  • They are interested in building authentic connections in personal and professional lives

Harjot wanted her website to express these emotions: courage, joyful, serene, professional, and uplifting. She wanted cheerful and fresh colors like green, blue/turquoise, and golden tones. Additionally, she wanted the website to be colorful but also loved nature so she was looking for a mix of the two.


After reading through her questionnaire, I approached her with some brush stroke graphics and fun patterns that fit the intended feel of her website. With those two options she narrowed down, I pulled different shades of color from them.

These were some of the color palette choices, and she decided on option 1.

Color palette

We also talked about adding a script font to give her website an extra touch of femininity. We used this for her logo, favicon, and alternative logo. She loved using Raleway on Instagram, so we combined these fonts with LTC Bodoni, a beautiful serif font.

Style Board.jpg


The last step was setting up the website! I designed the following pages besides the homepage:

  • About

  • Work With Me

  • Testimonials

  • Shop

  • Contact

  • Blog

  • Resources

I used most of Harjot’s photos across the top of each page as a banner image and infused many of the stock photos she chose throughout the rest of the site. The patterns and brush strokes we picked out provided unique accents to her website design, giving it the feminine, yet earthy feel she was looking for.

Below is a screenshot of the homepage.

Harjot Mann homepage.png

What do you think?!

Harjot was beyond thrilled with how the design of the site portrayed her business in an authentic way and truly expressed her gifts.

Here’s what Harjot had to say about working together…

I needed a new website which represented my business well online. Lauren did a review of my old website, and the feedback was brilliant! She not only understood my needs, but gave me amazing direction on what a suitable website for a coaching and consulting business needs.

One thing that’s always time consuming is writing content for the website. But the templates and guides Lauren provided helped me finish my entire website copy in a time frame of just ONE DAY!

Lauren is efficient, super organized and has incredibly helpful tools to make the whole process so smooth. From copy to colour scheme to branding to design ideas to creation - everything was easy breezy! She kept me in the loop of everything that was happening and I really appreciated that. I felt like Lauren took care of everything and I literally had nothing to worry about. The only hard part was probably just waiting to launch the website!

My new website is beautiful and makes me feel confident about my online presence. I feel good directing people to website now, knowing it represents my business professionally.

I recommended Lauren 100% without any doubt.

Is this speaking to you?

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