Laurilyn Farms: Squarespace Website Design


Lauren Hopkins of Laurilyn Farms came to me as a referral from a past client. She designs THE most beautiful wedding florals (no, seriously) I’ve ever seen. She is one incredibly talented lady!

She had done a few weddings but still felt new to the wedding industry and wanted her website to speak directly to newly engaged couples while highlighting the family feel of the farm.

Whereas her website was an overview of all the different offerings - farm tours, workshops, orders for any occasion - she was ready to invest in a designer that would help give her website the perfect facelift and bring in those dream clients.

Step 1: Brainstorming

Lauren first filled out a questionnaire so I could learn more about her business, her site goals, and her inspiration websites, among other questions. From there, she put together a brand inspiration board on Pinterest.

When Lauren came to me, she had her logo and branding materials created by a family member. But from her Pinterest board, it seemed she was really drawn to a deep navy, which wasn’t represented in the color palette she provided me with.

We removed the original black color to produce this new official color palette.

Laurilyn Farms Color Palette

Step 2: Website design

I started with the homepage before moving on to the rest of the website.

What makes Lauren’s designs so unique are the textures she adds to the florals, so I wanted to translate that on the website. I wanted to highlight the gold and navy accents throughout the site, so I created backgrounds of those colors with a soft texture that were used in several places.

I wanted to place a large focus on the florals of course, so after reducing the image files to hinder slowing down the website, I used large images to really bring Lauren’s work to life on the screen.

Time for some before and after photos!

Below are before and after screenshots of these pages: homepage and work with me.

I also built out these pages:

  • Meet Lauren

  • Farm & Family

  • Gallery & Praise

  • Contact

Lauren had two revisions for the full website, where we made minimal changes. I also make sure that the site was responsive on mobile and tablet views.

Step 3: Website launch

At the end of the project, we hopped on a Skype call, where we moved the domain from the old website to the new one, transferred site ownership, set up Google Analytics, connected the social media profiles and ta-da!

I then did a video recorded walkthrough of the backend with Lauren, showing her how to change certain elements of her new site.

Lauren was beyond happy with the end results, which of course, makes my work so fulfilling.

Here's what Lauren had to say about working with me...

Lauren is passionate and dedicated to making your website what you want and need for your business. The process was easy and fun, the time line was a great motivator for me to get my homework done on time, the project management app (Asana) was super helpful in communicating, and Lauren is just a cool lady to work with.

She made me feel very comfortable, answered all my questions and had very helpful insight into what I needed and didn't need my website to do and be.

It has boosted my confidence in telling potential clients to visit my website. Potential clients have a great idea of who I am, what I do and whether we are a good fit for each other.

Before hiring Lauren, my hesitations wereDo I need to spend that much money on my website design? Will it really make a difference? Will I like working with you? Should I just deal with this on my own and come up with something that works? Paying Lauren to get my website to where I wanted it to be was a great decision for me and my business!

View the live website!


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