6 Different Uses for a Squarespace Cover Page

6 Different Uses for a Squarespace Cover Page.png

Squarespace cover pages can serve many purposes for your business’ website. They’re not only very easy to create but they can also be used in various ways.

But before we dive in, I want to chat a little bit about what cover pages are and their benefits.

What is a cover page?

Squarespace cover pages are different from regular pages in that you don’t have full control over the style of the page, such as the use of blocks. They’re very short pages and typically only cover a full screen.

However, Squarespace offers many different layouts you can choose from so you can make each one appear unique.

Benefits of cover pages

Although the cover pages have been noted for their limited customization, they’re clean and concise. These pages are meant to provide quick bursts of information.

Basically, it forces you to get to the point…quickly.

If you’re wanting to build a long sales page, then you’ll want to skip over cover pages.

What you can change on a Squarespace cover page

Since cover pages aren’t meant to house too much information, there are only a few different things you can change:

  • Logo (can be removed)

  • Headline and body text

  • Social icons (can be removed)

  • Style of the page, text and buttons

  • Images and how they appear (grid or full size)

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In this post, I’m breaking down the 6 most common uses for a Squarespace cover page.

Let’s dive in!

1. Opt-in page for your freebie or lead magnet

Giving away something free of value on your website is crucial if you want to grow your email list.

It can be in written, audio or video form. Here are some examples:

  • Written - checklist, guide, template

  • Audio - meditation, song

  • Video - 3-5 day series

To enhance the effectiveness of the page, include a mockup of what it is you’re providing. For example, if it’s a written or audio freebie, you can place it inside a phone. If it’s a video series, you can include a preview inside an iPad or Mac.

For placing screenshots inside an image (like the one below), you can use Photoshop. If you’re not techie or don’t have access to Photoshop, you can create simple mockups with something like MockUPhone.

Squarespace cover page - freebie.png

2. Signup for a livestream series, challenge, or webinar

Planning to launch a course or program?

Or maybe you just want to build hype for your 1:1 services to get booked out…

Then a cover page would be perfect for a livestream series, challenge, or webinar signups.

Squarespace cover page - livestream 2.png

3. Thank you page

Want to redirect someone who opts into a form to another page?

You can easily create a thank you page letting them know what they can expect and any next steps.

You can also add a button to this page to direct them somewhere else, whether it’s a social media platform, a bonus thank you gift, or a page on your website.

Squarespace cover page - thank you.png

4. Promote an upcoming event

Whether it’s a workshop, retreat, or conference, using a cover page for an event is a great way to build excitement.

You could set this as your homepage so it’s the first thing site visitors are greeted with (see photo below).

If you do this, make sure you provide an additional button that allows them to continue to the rest of the site. Without it, they will be stranded on this page.

Squarespace cover page - event.png

5. Showcase an“under construction” or “coming soon” page

Launching a new website or redoing your old one?

Then this is perfect for you!

After creating the cover page, you can set it as your homepage.

To build some anticipation around the relaunch or reveal, add a button where people can include their email address to be notified when you launch.

That way, you won’t be leading people to a dead end where they can’t take any action.

Squarespace cover page - coming soon.png

6. Direct site visitors to two different versions of your site

The best example for this is a dual language website. With this option, you give the site visitor an option to choose which version of the site they’d like to see.

This was the case for one of my clients, who is a health coach. She served both English and Spanish speakers, so we wanted to make sure that the site served both audiences.

Squarespace cover page - dual language website.png

There you have it! Those are the 6 most common uses for Squarespace cover pages.

To recap, Squarespace cover pages can be used to:

  • Gather freebie/lead magnet opt-ins

  • Sign up livestream series, challenge, or webinar participants

  • Redirect site visitors to a thank you page

  • Promote an event

  • Showcase a “coming soon” or “under construction” messages for website relaunch/reveal

  • Direct site visitors to two different versions of your website

Have questions or comments? Drop them below!

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