Asana Review: Why It's My Favorite Project Management Tool

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Are you constantly sending emails back and forth with your clients? The project typically starts off great and then goes south real quick? You're scrolling through email after email and can't seem to find what you're looking for? 

That's where a project management system comes in. In my business, I use Asana. Whether you use Asana or an alternative project management tool, there are so many benefits to investing the time into using one.

In this post, I'm breaking down the benefits of Asana and why I think solopreneurs should use it.

Benefits of Asana

1. List out tasks, assign those tasks to different people, and add deadlines

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2. View a project or team projects in calendar form

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3. All files are stored together under a project tab

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4. Communication and feedback happens in one place

You can leave comments under each task or use the conversations tab at the top for more general messages.

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5. Track the progress of a project and update its status

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But you may be thinking....

I don't have time to learn another tool

Asana will help you become so organized that you'll end up saving time. No more needing to scroll through endless emails -- all your client projects and communication are in one place, so you'll be able to easily locate messages and files.

One of my favorite features of Asana is its automation feature with tasks. For example, when you assign a task and deadline to a virtual assistant or client, Asana will automatically email that person and remind them of the upcoming deadline.

I'm not a techie person

Asana is one of the easiest tools I've ever used. Seriously.

You just log in to Asana using an email and your account is set up within seconds. The backend of Asana is so straightforward that you can learn how to use it in under 5 minutes.

I like my process as it is

You might like your process, but I bet your client doesn't. Your business looks unorganized and chances are that things will fall through the cracks.

Using this program was a huge game changer in the way I ran my business. It's helped me become so much more efficient and organized.

I don't feel comfortable asking my clients to learn how to use a tool because it creates more work for them

I can promise you that your clients will appreciate a clean and organized design process. Let them know ahead of time that you'll be using a project management tool throughout the project. Either provide your client with an intro video to Asana or record one yourself. You can use QuickTime or an app like APowerRec.

Almost every single one of my clients has mentioned how smooth the process was with Asana. 

I'm already investing so much money into my business 

Did I mention Asana is free? There are paid plans, but I know seasoned entrepeneurs that are still using the free plan. It allows unlimited projects and up to 15 team members.

Do you love Asana like I do? Why do you prefer it over other project management tools? Drop a comment below, I'd love to hear!