My Honest Review of Wombats London Hostel

My Honest Review of Wombats London Hostel

During our European backpacking adventure, my friend and I stayed in four different hostels. My favorite one was Wombats London, where we stayed for 3 nights during our trip to England.

I’ve laid out a list of the pros and cons of my experience below.

What I Liked About Wombats London

It has such a cool vibe

The front of the building is covered in windows and when you enter, you’re not only walking into a naturally lit lobby, but also being greeted by super friendly staff. The lobby area is huge and filled with various soft seating. There is also an outside patio where you can lounge.

Photo source: HostelWorld

Free drink card when you check in

We didn’t even need the free drink to check out the bar because the photos said it all. The bar, which is located in the basement, is enclosed by beautiful brick arches. There was a bunch of soft seating, great music playing and people playing beer pong. Definitely the place you want to stay if you’re in your 20’s and looking for a good time.

My friend and I spent some time journaling down here before heading to bed, but if we had more time in London we would have definitely stayed longer.

Photo source: HostelWorld

The room setup 

We stayed in a 6 female dorm room and it was really nice! What was different about this hostel compared to the other ones we stayed in was that it didn’t just have one bathroom for 6 girls. There were 3 different areas – a room with just a toilet, a room with a shower and sink and an open area with a sink.

I thought this was an amazing setup – it may not seem like a big deal, but when there’s 6 girls in a room and someone wants to take a 15-minute shower, you’re not waiting around to go to the bathroom or have access to a sink and mirror.

Also, I liked that your key card unlocked your locker instead of having to use a lock.

Photo source: HostelWorld

Fulfilling breakfast

We found that they had a nice variety of food and drink options for breakfast. It wasn’t included in our stay, but the all-you-can-eat buffet was definitely worth the few euros!

Photo source: HostelWorld

Immaculate kitchen for cooking

The kitchen was large, very clean, and had enough burners for multiple parties wanting to cook. They also had two big fridges, so if you went grocery shopping (like us), you could store your items there and take them on the go the next day.

Wombats London hostel kitchen

Very centrally located

Wombats London was only a 10 minute walk from and Tower Bridge and Tower of London.

What I Didn’t Like About Wombats London

Construction at time of stay

This was honestly my only complaint. We opened the windows in the morning because the room got pretty warm overnight. There was construction happening right outside our window so we were woken up around 6 a.m. each morning to a jackhammer.


Overall I really enjoyed my stay and would highly recommend it! Wombats also has hostels in Berlin, Munich, Vienna and Budapest.

Have you stayed at Wombats before? If so, what was your experience?

Author: Lauren Taylar

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