Why Kip Moore Has Quickly Become One of My Favorite Artists

Why Kip Moore Has Quickly Become One of My Favorite Artists

Roll the window down
Baby wave goodbye
To your mama standin’ there in the drive
From the day we married
We were goin’ too fast
We were born to run
We were built to last

~ Complicated

Kip Moore is unlike any country artist I have come across. Granted, I’m somewhat of a more recent country fan. I started getting more interested in the genre in 2009 so if you asked me to name some old school country singers besides Shania Twain and George Strait, I would be at a loss.

But there’s one artist that I completely fell in love with after my friend opened me up to him…Kip Moore. Once she played “Come and Get It” for me, I knew I was hooked. He’s been referred to as a “hillbilly Springstein” with his gritty sound, but it’s not just his voice that sends shivers down my spine, but also his lyrics. Kip Moore is a triple threat as a song writer, singer and guitarist. Before my “official introduction,” I only had Moore’s “Hey Pretty Girl” and “Young Love” in my music library. In my mind, those songs don’t even do him justice. Both his albums, Up All Night and Wild Ones, are full of hit singles.

My favorite song of his is “Hearts Desire.” The song creates this beautiful imagery and the way it flows with the rhythm is amazing. Granted, I could probably say that about most of his music. But if you’re looking for someone with edge and spunk, that would be Moore. Some of his songs portray the party, bad-boy image, such as “I’m to Blame,” “That’s Alright With Me,” and “Wild Ones.” Other songs are just so real and raw that it makes you want to cry, like “Running for You” and “Complicated.” And then there’s the mix of the fun and upbeat songs, such as “Beer Money” and “What Ya Got On Tonight.”

Kip Moore, Jordan, NY, Keg's Canalside
After six months of listening to all of his music, I had the chance to see him open for Miranda Lambert at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC). Knowing that I would see him headline his own show at Keg’s Canalside in Jordan, NY two months later, the SPAC concert was a tease for what was to come. Sure enough, I was second row at the Jordan, NY concert and it was beyond amazing. He sounded exactly like his album and I was not one bit disappointed. Moore brought a great sense of humor with him, drinking on stage and jokingly mocking a girl who was apparently Snapchatting all night (watch the hilarious video here). Take note: Kip Moore does NOT take selfies.

It was also a special night for Moore, who almost looked like he was getting choked up during the moments he held the microphone to the crowd and we sang his lyrics back to him. Gettinghis big break was a long journey for Moore, one that is portrayed in many of his songs. During the middle of one song towards the end of his show, he said that he didn’t care how long it would take, but that he was going to stay after the show to meet anyone and everyone that wanted to meet him. Getting a hug and talking to him for probably a total of five seconds was definitely the highlight of my night. I can’t wait for his next album because I’m sure it will blow the last two out of the water.

Author: Lauren Taylar

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