Memorial Day Shenanigans at Boardy Barn

Memorial Day Shenanigans at Boardy Barn

Beer spilled on your hair and clothes. Stickers put on random places of your body. Two dollar Bud Lights. Throwback music that makes you sing your heart out. Pictures all over the walls from the 80’s and 90’s. Sounding better?

The place is Boardy Barn. If you’re from Long Island, I’m guessing you’ve known about it since you were young. Having grown up in Albany, I never heard about it before I went to visit a friend for her graduation party near Patchogue the weekend of Memorial Day. The topic of going was brought up during the party and since a lot of us had never gone. We were staying through Memorial Day and since Boardy Barn is only open on Sunday, we made the plan to go the next day.

In a group of 14, we took the train into the Hamptons and a few went into the gas station close by to grab mixers for pregaming. We walked to the venue (which was much farther than expected due to the heat and lack of sleep the night prior). Once we got there, my friends had to throw out their drinks because they didn’t realize that you can’t bring alcohol onto the premises. I barely made it through the security guards with my water.

We got there early since we were told to allow two hours in line. It might have been because it was a holiday weekend, but we stood in line for just over three hours and didn’t walk through the gate until 1:15 p.m. The entry fee was $30 and Bud Light were $2 each. I’ve heard it’s normally a $20 entry fee and $1 Bud Lights.

Why You Should Go If You’re In Your Twenties

It was unlike anything I had ever experienced. You don’t find many places in upstate New York that offer day drinking under a big tent. It was an expensive day, but it was such a fun time. We stayed for more than five hours and didn’t want to leave. The DJ played so many throwbacks and the genre was a nice mix-a little bit of 90’s, some hip-hop and a touch of country. The three hour wait was 100% worth the fun and memories we made that day. If I had a chance to go back, I would do it in a heartbeat. If you find yourself near the Hamptons, it’s worth the trip.


Author: Lauren Taylar

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