How to Strengthen Your PRSSA Leadership Board

How to Strengthen Your PRSSA Leadership Board

Understand What it Means to Be Part of a Team

Let’s be real. You can’t do everything yourself. As much as your type-A personality might lead you to believe, you are not superman or superwoman. You must be realistic and acknowledge the importance of having a team to back you up. There needs to be mutual respect, understanding and trust.

How Well Do You Know Your Team?

Send out a survey to your e-board – ask what they want out of the experience, what things they like/dislike to do, what they expect from you as president, etc. That way, dictating responsibilities will be an easier process because you will better understand their strengths/weaknesses.

When it comes down to meetings, don’t stick to the typical weekly e-board meetings in the same location. Before your first official e-board meeting (if possible), do something fun to bond together. That way, you become more comfortable with your e-board and vice-versa. But don’t let that be the only time you spend together outside of meetings. Find time throughout the semester to get together in a relaxed and stress-free environment, such as going to dinner or meeting up for bowling.

Find Your Flow

Have a goal for every e-board meeting. Email the agenda out ahead of time so everyone knows what needs to be discussed and what tasks need to get done. The past-president of my chapter at Oswego State put everything on Google Drive with e-board meeting agendas in their own folder. This approach worked great for us.

If you’re doing a presentation at your next meeting, make sure everyone knows what slide or subject they’re speaking about at the e-board meeting so that they have time to prepare. This is especially important because your e-board needs to be a cohesive unit during meetings. If an e-board does not appear professional and put together, how can members take you seriously?

Author: Lauren Taylar

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